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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - When is the Tour?
- Saturday, April 30, 2016.

Q - How much is it?
- Registration varies by date. Please refer to the Registration page for the current fees.

Q - How does the Team Discount Work?
- This year we are offering a discount of $3 per rider for teams of 8 or more. The Team captain, who will be responsible for paying the discounted registration fee for all team members, should email register@terrabella.org to get a discount code for registration. Please only distribute the code to your team members; do not post the code on your team websites or on social network. Each individual team member should register to ride, choosing "Mail Check" at Step 3 for the Payment Method, and entering the team discount code into the "Comments" box at Step 8. Team members do not have to ride together or do the same route. But their fees must be paid by the Team captain, who will receive a bill for the combined fees before the Team member's registrations are complete.

Q - When can I register?
- Registration will open on 2015-11-15 00:00:01.

Q - How do I register?
- Instructions are available at www.tierrabella.org/tb_info.php

Q - When I've registered do I get an information package?
- Each Rider must wear a Tierra Bella wristband for SAG services, admission to the rest stops and for the hot meal service following the ride. About a week before the event, a packet with route sheets and wrist bands for each rider will be mailed to those who have registered and paid by April 13, 2016. Riders who do not receive their packet by mail will need to pick it up on the day of our event at the Gavilan College Student Center between 6:30 AM and 9:30 AM.

Q - How many riders are accepted?
- Registration is limited to 2,000 riders.

Q - How late can I register?
- See Registration page.

Q - Can minors register?
- No. Minors must be registered on the application of a paying adult (age 18+) who is their parent or legal guardian. The minor must also carry a signed medical release and ride in the company of parent or guardian.

Q - Can I transfer my registration?
- If you are registered and paid you can transfer your registration to another person without cost. Please email register@tierrabella.org with the name of the new rider and your registration ID and have the new rider complete a new registration online, checking "transfer" for the payment option. An email will be sent to the new rider validating the transfer.
If this procedure is completed two weeks prior to the event, the new rider will receive the route sheet and wristband credentials in the mail. If a transfer is not made at least two days beforehand, have the new rider bring a paper copy of the authorization to the help desk on the morning of the ride to fill out a registration and pick up these materials.

Q - Where is the Tour held?
- All routes start at Gavilan College, 5055 Santa Teresa Blvd, Gilroy, CA 95020

Q - What routes are there?
- The routes will be:

  • 35 Mile has 1372 feet of climbing and two rest stops.
  • 100K (62 miles) has 2862 feet of climbing and two rest stops.
  • 100 Mile has 6752 feet of climbing and five rest stops.
  • 200K (122 miles) has 8315 feet of climbing and six rest stops.
  • All routes end up back at Gavilan College.

Q - What time may I start riding?
- Please plan to start your ride according to the following schedule:
200K (122 miles) 7:00 - 8:00 AM
100 Mile 7:00 - 8:00 AM
100K (62 miles) 8:00 - 9:00 AM
35 Mile 8:00 - 9:00 AM
The course closes at 5:00 PM. Riders must start and finish during this interval. Rest stop cut-off times listed on the route sheet will be strictly observed.

Q - What is the latest time that I can start riding?
- 9:30 am. If you start later you risk finding rest stops closed.

Q - If I sign up for one route can I change my mind on the day of the ride?
- Yes. Routesheets for all routes will be made available.

Q - What kind of bike will I need?
- We recommend a well maintained multi-speed bicycle.

Q - Is there a hot meal at the end of the tour?
- Yes, it is served to riders wearing their Tierra Bella wristband in the Student Center at Gavilan College, 12 noon to 5pm. Meals for non-riders may be ordered in advance when you register.

Q - Are there campgrounds or motels nearby?
- Check the following links:

Q - Are showers available after the ride?
- No, you may be able to make arrangements with the motel at which you stayed overnight.

Q - Is there SAG support?
- Yes, all routes are patrolled by SAG vehicles. When the course closes at 5pm any riders still on the course will be picked up by SAG and transported to Gavilan College.

Clothing Questions - Email: tbclothier@actc.org
General Questions - Email: TierraBella@actc.org Phone: 1-408-255-7957
Registration Questions/Issues - Email: register@tierrabella.org

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